Jul 20, 2016

3 Ideas for Small Space Basement Storage

We need all the space we can get for storage, especially if we're living in a small space.

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Here's three ideas for turning an unused small space in your basement into a useful storage area.

Wasted space is lonely space.

1. Canning and Preserves

Although canning and preserving may seem like lost arts, these are traditions that have become mainstream once again. Many families look to traditional canning and preserving to save money and eat healthy.

Once you learn how to store your preserves and canned goods and at what temperature, you can easily use your small basement space to store them.


Placing shelving on the wall above the crawl space is a great way to store and keep jarred goods. When you need something, you can just walk down the stairs and pick some fresh strawberry preserves right off a shelf.

2. Arts and Crafts

If you're anything like me, you sometimes start craft projects and never finish them. Sometimes learning how to knit or crochet seems like a great idea at first, and buying 100 yards of yarn at once looks like an even better idea, especially if you're unsure how much you need or if it's on sale.

Control your craft chaos!

Most people who craft don't like to throw out excess or leftovers from projects because they could be useful in another one. You may save scraps of felt, pieces of craft paper, and tons of embellishments. just waiting excitedly for your (or your child’s!) next project or inspiration. Some projects may just need to be put on hold, or you might like to switch back and forth if you're working on more than one at a time. 

Using your basement crawl space to store your arts and crafts stash and projects in bins, divider boxes or plastic storage tubs is a great way to keep it out of sight, but not out of mind.

3. Wine 

The basement is the perfect temperature for certain types of wine, and it's probably the most well-known storage use. You don't have to be rich to have a little wine cellar of your own. Keeping the bottles tucked away in a small corner of the basement is a great way to keep wine chilled and easily accessible for surprise guests or even just for a special evening at home, while keeping it out of sight of the kids. 

Maybe a smaller version of this?

You can use shelving, storage cubes or a small folding wine rack for this purpose.

There are many uses for a small basement space, and being able to grab a bin of arts and crafts along with some yummy strawberry preserves and a good bottle of wine are three great ways to make a small space work for you. :)