Feb 18, 2015

My "Holy Grail" (go to) Drugstore Makeup, + My #1 Favorite Makeup Find of 2014

My "Holy Grail" (go to) Drugstore Makeup Products
and my #1 Favorite Makup Find of 2014

Note: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and if you use them I may make a small commission. I thank you and hope you enjoy the post either way! Please read my full Disclosure Policy if you'd like. :)

I did a LOT of experimenting with both drugstore and department store makeup in 2014, so believe me when I say these are my top drugstore picks that I go to, and I still use all of them.

All the products listed can be bought easily inside most drugstores, Wal-Mart, and Target, and a few even at dollar stores [so I left off all but one NYX from my main collage ;), because while NYX is one of my favorite brands - I rarely to never see it in the drugstores around me, and I order it online]. I have no possible drugstore alternative that compares to the one NYX item I listed, so hopefully it is in some drugstores!

The highest priced item on here is $12.93 via Amazon as of this posting - and you'll see that it's worth it. 

1) Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation - $7.59

Loreal True Match is my favorite drugstore liquid foundation; it's the closest match to my absolute favorite foundation - Estee Lauder Double Wear. I never thought I'd go back to liquid foundation
after wearing liquid to powder foundations for years, but I love it now. Loreal True Match gives great coverage and lasts throughout the day. I wear a shade of beige / warm tone. [I apply this with a Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge (exactly like the Beauty Blender, which I've used). I had been ordering these online at Amazon.com, but I see they're now being carried at Target for $5.99 Click here to see the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge ]

2) Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder - $7.94

While I didn't like the Translucent shade (it made me look so pale!), I'm so happy I gave this next item a try in a different shade. I love Rimmel pressed powder in "Creamy Beige" (I find it comparable to the Estee Lauder Double Wear powder). (I also didn't know that Rimmel makeup has been around for years! I was doing research for a 1980s makeup article and saw that it was around then - if not longer). This powder keeps my makeup set - and I am definitely a "matte" person. I love the coverage and lasting power of this pressed powder. I apply this with a Wet 'n Wild kabuki brush; I believe those are around $3.99. 

Next up is the single best makeup item I purchased all year...

3) Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette - $12.93

...which is the Sonia Kashuk concealer palette - this brand seems to be specific to the store Target, so it's not in every drugstore [I've not seen it anywhere else but Target], but I have bought it inside Target (as well as online at Target.com). It is a little bit pricier than other drugstore concealers that are also good, but it is well worth it !!! (I got the tip for this product from a YouTube video tutorial and I will post the link to that video, because it's also one of the best talk though makeup tutorials I've seen, especially if you have problem skin)

If I had to choose just one makeup item to own - this would be it. I wear the shade "07 Light". I blend the first 2 colors and actually just use my fingers to apply. My skin = not so great in terms of occassional breakouts and uneven skin tone, but even I can use this alone, with no foundation, if I am in a hurry. It's also perfect to stick in your purse makeup bag for that same reason. I highly recommend this !!! The coverage is phenomenal.

4) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Under Eye Concealer - $7.99

I've found a few products similar to this that are also great for brightening under the eyes and concealing dark circles, but so far Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles is my favorite. It works really well when I want to wear something under my eyes (I do have dark circles); and very important - it's not cakey. It has a sponge applicator that you squeeze, and it works well! It's also a treatment concealer.

5) NYX  Blush in "Pinched" - $5.00

NYX powder blush in the color "Pinched" is the blush I've been wearing since summer. I order most of my NYX items from their website because the stores right around me either don't carry it or if they do, they don't have a large selection. I'm guessing there are drugstores that have a wider selection. (I like ordering online anyway :) ) I love the color "Pinched" because it seems to go with everything! I thought it would be too "peachy" for everyday wear at first, but it's not; it's a perfect shade that seems to go with anything. Also, there are many other colors to choose from. (This shade is widely compared to NARS "Orgasm" blush (which is $30 at Sephora). Click Here To See ). I also like a powder blush over a cream blush. 

This blush is advertised on the NYX website as delivering "sheer, silky color that glides on easily, blends beautifully and creates a natural glow. The formula is richly-pigmented and lasts for hours."I find that to definitely be true!

6) NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder in "Sunny" - $4.20

Very popular amongst beauty YouTubers ;) NYC Smooth Skin pressed faced powder in "Sunny" definitely packs a punch without going overboard, and I love it !!!  I adore bronzer and usually wear some even if it's a "minimal" makeup day. I tend to be a tad heavy handed with blush and bronzer, (and probably everything else I wear), but while this bronzer delivers a serious glow, it almost seems like it stops itself from being overdone. I usually apply it with with an e.l.f. stippling brush, which is a great addition to any brush collection. It's $3. Click here to see the listing on Target.com (any brush will do - I used to use a regular face brush and then a kabuki brush) to give my face a bronzey glow.

7) e.l.f. Studio Baked Highlighter in "Moonlit Pearls" - $12.17

I had a hard time even finding just a "highlighter", and I know that many people use certain shades of blush as "highlighters", which got me all spun around and confused (yep it sure did, lol). When I finally came across elf's Stuio baked highlighter in "Moonlit Pearls", I was happy. I've used this along with the NYC Sunny Bronzer above and different blushes when "countouring", and it is perfect! I just use a random face brush to apply it.

8) L'oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer Gel Eyeliner in "Blackest Black" - $8.59

I hadn't used eyeliner in the longest time, and I had just about always worn the pencil type when I did...so when I started experimenting more, I tried L'Oreal Paris Infallible Lacquer gel eyeliner and I was amazed that it is SO incredibly easy to put on! It stays put, too, and gives me a REALLY wide-eyed look, which I love. I wear mine in "Blackest Black", and the brush that comes with it is just fine for applying it.

9) L.A. Colors Shimmering Loose Eyeshadow in "Sunshine" - $1.00 at Dollar Tree 

Even with all of the eye shadow "collecting" I have done over the last year, I don't have a true "go to", holy grail eye shadow palette to recommend. I can, however, strongly recommend a $1.00 shimmer loose eyeshadow by L.A. Colors, and that's just as good - and at times, faster! I can put the shade shown here, "Sunshine" on my lids and be good to go feeling like a bronze goddess, especially when I pair it with my favorite plum lipstick. The shade "Snow White" is perfect for adding a touch to the inner corner of my eyes when I'm doing full eye makeup. I got both of these, as well as the pretty pink shade "Lollipop", at the Dollar Tree for $1.00 apiece. I've read some people say they can't find it at their Dollar Tree (I feel your pain - the ones close to me don't carry much makeup, so I'm glad they have this), so hopefully it is carried at other drugstores, even though I (don't think) that I've seen it. Otherwise, you can definitely order it online; in fact I was amazed at the wide color selection they had when I visited their website! I apply this with the small brush that comes with it, although I think most people tend to grab a bigger one. The small brush is perfect for doing the inner eye corners, though.

There are 28 shades (!!!) to choose from on the L.A. Colors website, including pretty shades of blue, green, and turquioise. The website describes these eye shadows as "A gorgeous collection of FUN, SHIMMERING, METALLIC shades with brush applicator that adds sparkle to your eyes. Made with ultra fine powders for long lasting, radiant color. Applies on smoothly with INTENSE color!" 

So true! I look forward to trying more shades !!!

10( Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Washable Mascarain "Black Drama" - $5.40

I picked up this mascara, Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies washable mascara (I wear "Black Drama") sort of by accident (i.e. I hadn't already read that it is a well-liked mascara choice, which I later found out that it is indeed), on my very first Dollar General "haul", and now it's a staple! I'll be honest, it was the name that grabbed me. "Falsies" equals "it will give me lashes as long as fake ones" in my mind, and I certainly haven't been disappointed. I like this better than more expensive department store brands I've tried. It's not clumpy at all, and it also gives me a wide-eyed look and does a good job at staying put.

11) Jesse's Girl Lip Liner in "Plummie" - $1.79

My favorite drugstore lip liner for purple right now, and one that I plan to buy in other shades in the future, is by Jesse's Girl. The shade shown here, Plummie, goes great with all the purple colors I'd been trying in the fall and still wear. I love the way it goes on and blends with the colors. It's so creamy! While I still also wearWet 'n Wild lip liners as I usually did in the past, the brand Jesse's Girl is my new "holy grail" for lip liner, and it's certainly quite comparable to Wet 'n Wild in prices. In fact, I'm not how sure old (or new?) this brand is, as I'd never heard of it until I started peeking around in 2014. These lip liners also come with sharpeners attached, which is a clever selling point for the low price. I found this at Rite Aid.

12) L.A. Colors Matte Lipstick in "Envy" - $0.99

Finally, since red is my all time favorite shade of lipstick, and it's not always easy to find the "perfect" shade (meaning not too "orangey"), I'd like to share this lipstick by L.A. Colors in the shade "Envy" with you, even though it's sort of a mystery. Let me explain - I've bought this shade in Dollar General, and I'm pretty sure I've seen it in Rite Aid also. Then, it was sold out. When I went online to see if other people were raving about it like me, I could not find it anywhere - I'm talking, I still can't even find it on Amazon.com or eBay, or the L.A. Colorswebsite! Regardless, I love the formulation and this matte color's long staying power, and I will certainly try other shades. I'm guessing it's been discontinued since there's no word about it, so I have an unopened backup. Since L.A. Colorschanged their lipstick packaging last year, perhaps it goes by a different name now? Please let me know if you've used or heard of this shade.

Here it is with a swatch on my hand - it truly is the perfect red for me! It's a very deep (yet not gothic type deep) dry matte, which I like. If you like it overall but it gets too dry for your liking at times, it would be a good reason to wear some flavored or tinted lipgloss on top of it ;) No harm in that!

I really do exist...please find me! :)

Since I like to have a "holy grail" lipstick in all the shades I really like (red, purple, berry, brown, and even some pinks), I'd like to just touch on a few more items that I like from the drugstore.

13) NYX Matte lipstick in "Aria" - $6.90 

Of all the purple shades I've tried, and I did buy several in the fall, NYX Matte lipstick in "Aria" is my favorite. It's not too light but not too gothic (don't get me wrong - I wore deep gothic shades for many years when I was younger and I'd still prefer it to super light shades, but it just doesn't look good on me anymore - it's probably never did except in my own eyes lol). Many of the similar shades by Wet' N Wild are just too dark like that.The shade "Aria" byNYX is a beautiful deep purple. I love mattes, and NYX Matte lipstick is becoming a fast favorite brand. I look forward to trying other shades! (maybe even some of the unusual ones, like blue!) Now, I did order this online.

14) Revlon Superlustrous Matte lipstick in "Stormy Pink" - This was between $7.99-$8.99 at major drugstores

I have tried a lot of pinks and usually just steer clear of it (except for that very rare occasion when I have a tan and it looks good). I don't typically like pink as a staple color, but there are exceptions and times when I'd like to wear it, so I'm glad that I finally found a holy grail pink liptick with Revlon's Super Lustrous Matte in the shade "Stormy Pink". This shade is not your typical pink, and I adore it. It was a tip from one of (if not the first) YouTube makeup tutorial I ever watched on a whim!

15) Revlon ColorStay Lipliner In "Soft Pink" - $8.65
Swatch on my wrist

After a year (literally) of searching for a light pink lip liner, I finally found one! It's Revlon ColorStay's "Soft Pink". Again, it's a tad pricier than Wet 'n Wild or Jesse's Girl, but I haven't seen this type of shade. I still could not find this having been seen or worn, or for sale, anywhere online - until TODAY! I found a similar shade on the Jesse's Girl website called "Bubblegum". I bought this Revlon lip liner at Rite Aid in the fall of 2014, and it said "New" on it, so...? Have you seen it? Do you know of any other brands that make similar shades?

What are your go-to drugstore makeup products?

Do you wear any of these?

I'd love to hear from you!



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