Feb 25, 2015

Dupes 'n Swatches: $1 Colormates Makeup Kits vs. Urban Decay Ammo Palette

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So I got these palettes in my last Dollar Tree makeup haul and wasn't very impressed...ultra sticky lipglosses, and not all the shadows "worked" - as in some you can barely see. However, the shadows that DO work in each of the 4 kits are beautiful and highly pigmented, and as I recently noticed, can be dupes (or at least similar) to the Urban Decay Palettes I have.

8206 Party Bright's (no, I didn't misspell it, that's how it is lol)

8208 Neutral Notions

Here is how they match up against Urban Decay Ammo

Note - I'm not using any primers.

Left: Urban Decay "Smog" | Right: Colormates Neutral Notions (last shadow from left)

Left: Urban Decay "Mildew" | Right: Colormates Glamorous Nights (4th shadow from left)

I swear these colors looked identical Friday night when I was playing around with eyeshadows...they're really not the same, but they both DO have the same ... consistency and vibrancy. Definitely a favorite from both palettes.

Top: Urban Decay "Oil Slick" | Bottom: Colormates Glamorous Nights (last shadow from left)

Now the UD one has glitter and the Colormates doesn't, but hey...if you're in the palette anyway...

Top: Urban Decay "Chopper" | Bottom: Colormates Neutral Notions (4th shadow from left)

Left: Urban Decay "Shattered" | Right: Colormates Daytime Delights (4th shadow from left)

These are probably the closest I could find between the palettes. The Colormates is sort of like Urban Decay Ammo on steroids. lol. Don't use primer with it for sure. It's another favorite of mine from the 4 palettes.

Left: Urban Decay "Polyester Bride" | Right: Colormates Party Bright's (1st shadow from left)

Pretty close IMO

Left: Urban Decay "Grifter" | Right: Colormates Daytime Delights (1st shadow from left)

This one had potential, but the Colormates one isn't glittery and it's one of the ones that doesn't show as well.

Top: Urban Decay "Sin" | Bottom: Colormates Neutral Notions (2nd shadow from left)

You can see the Colormates one better in person, honest! :)